Kate Kitchen, MSW RSW
Gail Davis, MSW RSW

Meditation for Mindfulness CDs

Meditation for Mindfulness CDAlong with her mindfulness colleagues, Bill Gayner and Kirstin Bindseil, Kate developed CDs for mindfulness. These are sold as a set of two CDs and include four mindfulness meditation practices, including:

  1. Body Scan
  2. Yoga for Mindfulness
  3. Mindfulness Meditation Sitting Practice –full length
  4. Shorter Sitting Practice
These CDs are helpful for new and advanced meditators. These were designed for homework for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy but are also helpful for people who would like to have led meditation practices available for their individual practices.

Meditation for Mindfulness CDs are sold through Caversham Booksellers and can be ordered online.